Invuity® Finalist for the 2013 Red Herring Top 100 North America Award

Invuity®, a leading developer of advanced visualization devices to optimize minimal access and minimally invasive surgeries, announced today it has been selected as a finalist for Red Herring’s Top 100 North America award, a prestigious list honoring the year’s most promising private technology ventures from the North American business region.

Invuity’s products utilize the company’s proprietary Eigr™ (pronounced eye-gr) illumination technology — brilliant, cool light that virtually eliminates shadows, glare and thermal hazards during surgical procedures. These advanced surgical instruments are used by surgeons in a variety of procedures, including spinal, neuro, orthopedic, thyroid, breast, plastic and general surgeries.

Red Herring has been selecting the most exciting and promising start-ups and “scale ups” since 1995. Finalists are still evaluated individually from a large pool of hundreds of candidates based across North America. Twenty major criteria underlie the scoring and process. They include, among others: the candidate company’s addressable market size, its IP and patents, its financing, the proof of concept, trailing revenues and management’s expertise. Each company goes through an individual interview after filling out a submission, complemented by a thorough due diligence process. The list of finalists often includes the best performing and prominent companies of that year.

This unique assessment of market or business potential is complemented by a review of the company’s actual track record and standing, which allows Red Herring to see past the “buzz” and make the list a valuable tool for discovering and advocating the greatest business opportunities in the industry.

“Invuity is dedicated to helping surgeons advance surgical care through better access and visualization,” said Philip Sawyer, CEO of Invuity. “Doctors tell us our Eigr technology is central to advancing minimally invasive techniques in spine, orthopedic, and thyroid oncology surgeries as well as breast oncology procedures such as nipple-sparing mastectomies. We are very pleased that the Red Herring team has selected Invuity as a finalist for this prestigious award, further validating the positive impact of our Eigr technology.”

2013 will be remembered as a special vintage of finalists, according to Red Herring. “The finalists list confirms the excellent choices made by entrepreneurs and VCs and the start-ups’ solid roots in corporate America, embracing their innovations. By all metrics, it emphasizes the United States’ entrepreneurial excellence,” said Alex Vieux, publisher and CEO of Red Herring.

Invuity will present its winning strategy at the Red Herring North America Forum in Monterey, Calif., May 21 to 23, 2013. The Top 100 winners will be announced at a special awards ceremony the evening of May 23 at the event. Follow the Red Herring conference at hashtag #RedHerring100.

About Eigr™
Eigr technology incorporates a proprietary optical waveguide technology with a complex geometry of integrated microstructures to shape illumination within the operative space. Eigr broadly projects thermally cool, brilliant light to uniformly illuminate deep surgical cavities, providing unsurpassed visualization while virtually eliminating shadows, glare and thermal hazards. Eigr waveguides are single use products.

About Invuity®
Invuity develops advanced medical devices to dramatically improve access and visualization in minimally invasive and minimal access surgeries. The company’s products incorporate its proprietary Eigr technology into sophisticated hand-held illumination devices and access systems for a variety of surgical specialties including spine, orthopedics, breast and thyroid oncology and plastic surgery. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, CA. For more information, visit