Invuity® Transforms Visualization In Orthopedic Reconstruction And Trauma Surgery With EIGR™ Saber Waveguide With Yankauer

PHOENIX, AZ (October 10, 2013) — Invuity®, a leading developer of advanced visualization devices to transform minimally invasive and minimal access surgeries, today announced the full commercial launch of the Eigr™ Saber Waveguide with Yankauer at the Orthopedic Trauma Association (OTA) Annual Meeting. Invuity’s device is a handheld illuminator that projects thermally cool, brilliant, white light uniformly throughout the surgical cavity, with the added benefit of a traditional Yankauer suction platform. It significantly improves visualization during orthopedic reconstruction and trauma surgeries, especially pelvic trauma procedures.

“Illumination and suction are equally important to achieve optimal visualization, especially in deep surgical cavities,” said Herrick J. Siegel, M.D., Professor of Surgery and Head of Orthopedic Oncology at University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) Medical Center. “With this new product, Invuity has effectively married two critical technologies and addressed a pressing clinical need for visualization.  The Eigr Saber Waveguide with Yankauer is one of the most significant technological advancements in orthopedic surgery this year.”

“Orthopedic trauma represents a substantial market opportunity for us as we address the unmet need for better visualization in these unpredictable and challenging surgeries,” said Invuity Chief Executive Officer Philip Sawyer. “This device demonstrates the universal clinical utility of our technology, which improves operating room workflow and surgical efficiency for the many sub-specialties within orthopedics, as well as for many other important surgical specialties.”

Better visualization has proven to increase surgical efficiency, reduce operating room time and lessen surgeon fatigue by eliminating or reducing dependence on a headlight.1 The thermally cool on-field and in-situ illumination provided by the Eigr Saber Waveguide with Yankauer also provides a safer surgical environment by virtually eliminating the thermal hazards associated with traditional fiber-optic lighting.1

The Eigr Saber Waveguide with Yankauer is used in a variety of surgical applications and specialties, including orthopedic trauma and tumor, hip and shoulder arthroplasty, spine, breast and thyroid oncologic, plastic and general surgery.


About Eigr™
Invuity’s Eigr Illumination Technology incorporates a proprietary optical waveguide with a complex geometry of integrated microstructures to shape illumination within the operative space. Eigr broadly projects thermally cool, brilliant, white light to uniformly illuminate deep surgical cavities, providing unsurpassed visualization while virtually eliminating shadows, glare and thermal hazards. Eigr Waveguides are single use products.


About Invuity®
Invuity develops advanced medical devices to dramatically improve access and visualization in minimally invasive and minimal access surgeries. The company’s products incorporate its proprietary Eigr Illumination Technology into sophisticated hand-held illumination devices and access systems for a variety of surgical specialties including spine, orthopedics, breast and thyroid oncology and plastic surgery. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, CA. For more information, visit


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