Invuity® Unveils a Clinical Experience Survey of Thought Leaders in Breast Surgery

Invuity released a study Nipple Sparing Mastectomy and the Advent of an Enabling Surgical Illumination and Visualization System.


Recent advances in surgical techniques for breast cancer, including nipple sparing mastectomy (NSM), reflect growing interest in optimal aesthetic outcomes and associated psychological recovery without sacrificing oncologic safety and efficacy. A new surgical illumination and visualization technology addresses this need while enabling broader application and adoption of the nipple sparing technique.

A clinical experience survey related to the use of a new illumination and visualization technology in the surgical management of breast cancer was conducted with twelve breast surgeon thought leaders in May 2013. The survey results and published NSM data are reviewed for their impact on breast cancer surgery today.

The NSM approach has been steadily increasing at institutions globally. Based on the published data reviewed and the clinical experience survey data reported here, NSM is a safe and effective surgical option for selected patients who have or are at high risk for breast cancer. Surgical efficiency and clinical and aesthetic outcomes of NSM are enhanced with the use of an advanced illumination and visualization technology.

Skin and nipple preservation during breast cancer surgery is essential to attain ideal aesthetic results. NSM is technically challenging due to minimal access and limited visualization; however, the advent of an advanced illuminated retractor system makes performing a NSM less challenging, more efficient, and safer while achieving optimal breast aesthetics.

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