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Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery

Intracavity Illumination Designed to Optimize Visualization and Access in Vaginal Surgery

Invuity’s portfolio of products are designed to optimize visualization and access for urogynecologists and gynecologic surgeons, especially when performing pelvic organ prolapse repairs such as uterosacral ligament suspension, sacrospinous ligament fixation, anterior/posterior repairs and hysterectomy.

  • Uterosacral Ligament Suspension (USLS)
  • Sacrospinous Ligament Fixation (SSLF)
  • Anterior or posterior colporrhaphy
  • Vaginal Hysterectomy

Key Surgical Benefits

  • Direct visualization of uterosacral ligament and deep pelvic anatomy for ideal stitch placement during USLS and SSLF1
  • Aids in differentiation of tissue planes to enable accurate dissection and reduce risk, especially in more challenging cases (e.g. narrow pelvis, high BMI, revision)2
  • Identify and control bleeders, even those that retract up into the pelvic rim, to aid in timely hemostasis3
  • Facilitates improved visualization for resident and fellow training1
  • Lightweight and ergonomic retractor design reduces surgeon and technician fatigue
  • Thermally cool illumination reduces the potential for patient burns and surgical fires by eliminating thermal hazards associated with traditional fiber optics4

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Visualization Points

  • Direct visualization of uterosacral ligaments
  • Visualization of the ureters
  • Cephalad retraction of the bladder and lateral retraction of the pelvic sidewall will protect the bladder and ureters. Illumination into the pelvic cavity will aid with identification and isolation of the uterosacral ligaments.
  • Retraction of the pelvic organs and protecting the ureters are key to surgical success. Illumination of the pelvic floor support structures is also essential for great surgical outcomes
  • Excellent illumination of proper tissue planes and retraction of bladder at the same time to better illuminate anterior planes, assuring proper dissection, aiding in easier entry into peritoneum
  • Continued visualization of adnexal anatomy and tissue planes, along with focused illumination if bleeding is encountered

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Invuity’s illumination technology has been very impactful in a training environment for fellows and/or residents. Vaginal procedures are naturally hard to teach due to small working area, lack of direct intracavity lighting, and poor visualization of critical anatomies. With the new vaginal retractor portfolio by Invuity, I’m able to illuminate the entire cavity and directly point out key pelvic anatomies that are normally only palpated. This illumination technology has had a meaningful impact on the effectiveness of our training program.

Richard Hill, MD, FPMRS
Board Certified OBGYN
St. Luke’s Hospital
Kansas City, MO

The new GYN retractors enable improved visualization of important deep pelvic anatomy, like the USL, in a prolapse case. This enhanced visualization gives me more confidence in the location and purchase of my stitch placement which leads to better, long lasting vault suspensions.

During my USL procedures, there is great satisfaction in being able to take the PhotonSaber Y and find a hidden bleeder quickly, especially when the bowel is in the way. The illumination makes a huge difference in this situation.

Anthony Gaddi, MD
Board Certified OBGYN
David Grant USAF Medical Center
Travis Air Force Base

I like that I can customize the location of the illumination along the retractor blade to help me focus my point of contact.” The illumination makes a huge difference in this situation.

Janelle Evans, MD, FPMRS
Board Certified OBGYN
Kettering Health
Centerville, OH

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