Enable Visualization in Spine Surgery

Spine Surgery

Intelligent Photonics Technology Enables Visualization in Spine Surgery

Our products are designed to optimize Spine Surgery. It gives Spine Surgeons superior access and visualization during surgery to achieve optimal surgical outcomes.

  • Posterior Lumbar Decompression and Fusion
  • Anterior Lumbar Fusion
  • Anterior & Posterior Cervical Decompression
  • Anterior Cervical Fusion


Key Surgical Benefits

  • Allows for smaller incisions without sacrificing the ability to work efficiently and safely
  • Provides optimal visualization and increases surgical efficiency reducing surgical time
  • Enhanced visualization of critical structures, including immediate identification of bleeders and potential bleeders, can increase surgical efficiency and may reduce the risk of complications, including nerve damage, tissue necrosis and blood loss
  • Thermally cool illumination minimizes the risk of thermal tissue damage, patient injury and fire hazard

Visualization Points

  • Critical neural structures including exiting nerve roots and dura
  • Disc space during discectomy, endplate preparation, and implant insertion

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“Invuity’s Saber handheld illuminator with Frazier suction enables me to more efficiently achieve rapid hemostasis during cervical and lumbar spine surgery. I’m able to direct its light precisely where it is needed to quickly locate and control bleeders especially in far lateral recesses and deep surgical cavities. Since using the Eigr Saber I have seen a significant decrease in blood loss due to its superior illumination within the incision.”

Eric J. Woodard, MD
Chief, Neurosurgery at New England Baptist Hospital
Formerly Chief, Division of Spinal Surgery
Brigham and Women's Hospital
Assistant Professor of Surgery, Harvard Medical School

“Invuity’s Intelligent Photonics technology allows me to perform more minimally invasive spinal surgeries (MIS), including discectomies and fusions, with remarkable visualization. This is truly an enabling technology that allows me to expand my use of MIS and other advanced spine technologies, to the benefit of my patients.”

Richard D. Guyer, MD
Past President of NASS
Chairman, Texas Back Institute Research Foundation
Plano, TX

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