Enables Minimally Invasive thyroid Surgery

Thyroid Surgery

Intelligent Photonics Technology Enables Minimally Invasive Thyroid Surgery

Our products are designed to enable minimally invasive Thyroid Surgery. It gives surgeons direct access and visualization during surgery to achieve optimal surgical outcomes and allows for better identification of anatomical landmarks in the thyroid, and opens a superior pole approach to Thyroid Surgery.

  • Thyroidectomy
  • Parathyroidectomy
  • Parotidectomy


Key Surgical Benefits

  • Allows for smaller incisions without sacrificing the ability to work efficiently and safely
  • Provides optimal visualization and increases surgical efficiency reducing surgical time
  • Enhanced visualization of critical structures, including immediate identification of bleeders and potential bleeders, can increase surgical efficiency and may reduce the risk of complications, including nerve damage, tissue necrosis and blood loss
  • Thermally cool illumination minimizes the risk of thermal tissue damage, patient injury and fire hazard

Visualization Points

  • Enhanced visualization of the parathyroids and recurrent laryngeal nerve
  • Enhanced visualization of the superior pole and Superior Mediastinum

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“The Invuity Eika illuminated minimally invasive thyroid and parathyroid self-retracting technology has revolutionized our field of endocrine surgery.  It allows for smaller incisions while improving surgical efficiency and safety.  It provides superior visualization of vital structures, and has reduced operating times, improved patient outcomes, and decreased overall costs of the procedure.  I would not do a case without this technology.”

James K. Bredenkamp, MD, FACS
Head & Neck Associates of Orange County
Chief of Surgery, Mission Regional and Trauma Med Ctr.
Director, St. Joseph and Hoag Head & Neck Oncology & Endocrine Center

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