Illuminated retractor systems designed for
a variety of surgical procedures.

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Handheld illuminator incorporated into a traditional Frazier or Yankauer suction platform. Provides on-field illumination, aspiration, smoke evacuation, and soft tissue retraction in one device. Low profile design enables surgeons to work efficiently in deep, dark cavities through small incisions.



Drop-in intracavity illuminator with a low-profile design, anchors to the incision wall providing a stand-alone, hands-free device. The minimal profile design is compatible with existing retractors and instrumentation, while accommodating preferred surgical exposure techniques.

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Direct Visualization

Invuity’s patented Intelligent Photonics® devices provide direct visualization of the surgical cavity enabling enhanced precision, efficiency and safety. Our Intelligent Photonics technology directs and shapes light into broad, uniform illumination. It converts traditional thermally hot, concentrated light output to thermally cool volumetric illumination throughout the entire surgical cavity.


Our Technology

Our technology is integrated into a family of proprietary optical waveguides, including our line of reusable tissue retractors, single-use handheld aspiration and universal drop-in intracavity illuminator devices to advance the art of minimal access and minimally invasive surgery.

  • Enhanced illumination and visualization of the surgical area
  • Improved surgical precision during minimally invasive and minimal access procedures
  • Enhanced operating room efficiency
  • Reduced risks to patients, surgeons and operating room staff
  • Economic value to healthcare systems

Experience Critical intracavity illumination


The dynamic fluorescence imaging of the PhotonVue allows me to confidently offer more advanced nipple sparing mastectomy techniques and single stage procedures to a broader patient population. Specifically, confirming tissue perfusion during the reconstruction enables me to discuss these techniques with patients who are smokers, diabetics, those who were previously radiated or have high BMIs.

William L. Scarlett, D.O., FACS, FACOS, FAACS
Assoc. Prof. of Plastic Surgery: PCOM, Philadelphia
Director of Bucks County Aesthetic Center – Bensalem, PA

“Invuity has effectively married two critical technologies and addressed a pressing clinical need of visualization. The PhotonSaber™ Y is one of the most significant technological advancements in orthopaedic surgery this year.”

Herrick J. Siegel, MD
Professor of Surgery and
Head of Orthopaedic Oncology
UAB Medical Center, Birmingham, AL

“I operate with greater efficiency and surgical precision because I can direct the light where I need it – the light follows me instead of me following the light. I have reduced my surgical time by an average of 15% and experience less operative blood loss. This challenging surgical approach is now easier, quicker and safer when using the Saber with Yankauer – it makes my life easier.”

Hamid Redjal, MD
Orthopedics Surgeon
Joint Replacement Surgery with Specialty in Anterior Approach Hip Replacement and Pelvic/Acetabular Trauma Surgery
Southeast Hospital and St. Francis Medical Center
Cape Girardeau, MO