Intelligent Photonics

Invuity’s patented Intelligent Photonics® devices provide direct visualization of the surgical cavity enabling enhanced precision, efficiency and safety. Our Intelligent Photonics technology directs and shapes light into broad, uniform illumination. It converts traditional thermally hot, concentrated light output to thermally cool volumetric illumination throughout the entire surgical cavity.

Our Technology

Our technology is integrated into a family of proprietary optical waveguides coupled to a modified fiber optic cable and designed to work with standard xenon and LED light sources used in the operating room. The sophisticated devices integrate a solid-core optical grade polymer, total internal reflection of light waves, light mixing and a complex geometry of refractive microstructures and microlenses to provide direct intracavity illumination and visualization.

  • Enhanced illumination and visualization of the surgical area
  • Improved surgical precision during minimally invasive and minimal access procedures
  • Enhanced operating room efficiency
  • Reduced risks to patients, surgeons and operating room staff
  • Economic value to healthcare systems

Light Mixing

Our optical waveguides utilize various novel optical methods to mix light, or randomize its reflections, during the total internal reflection transmission process. The design and shape of the optical stem, or area of the waveguide that is between the input of the waveguide and the array of refractive microstructures or microlenses, enhance the mixing of light waves, while maintaining total internal reflection. Our optical waveguides utilize light mixing before extraction to significantly reduce glare and bright spots, leading to a more uniform illumination profile across the surgical target while remaining thermally cool.1

1. Data on file. LIT 10668 Eigr Technology Thermal and Insulation Characteristics Abstract.

The Science Behind Intelligent Photonics

Light Projection Comparison

Temperature (°C) Output Comparison

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Invuity’s illumination technology has been very impactful in a training environment for fellows and/or residents. Vaginal procedures are naturally hard to teach due to small working area, lack of direct intracavity lighting, and poor visualization of critical anatomies. With the new vaginal retractor portfolio by Invuity, I’m able to illuminate the entire cavity and directly point out key pelvic anatomies that are normally only palpated. This illumination technology has had a meaningful impact on the effectiveness of our training program.

Richard Hill, MD, FPMRS
Board Certified OBGYN
St. Luke’s Hospital
Kansas City, MO

The new GYN retractors enable improved visualization of important deep pelvic anatomy, like the USL, in a prolapse case. This enhanced visualization gives me more confidence in the location and purchase of my stitch placement which leads to better, long lasting vault suspensions.

During my USL procedures, there is great satisfaction in being able to take the PhotonSaber Y and find a hidden bleeder quickly, especially when the bowel is in the way. The illumination makes a huge difference in this situation.

Anthony Gaddi, MD
Board Certified OBGYN
David Grant USAF Medical Center
Travis Air Force Base

I like that I can customize the location of the illumination along the retractor blade to help me focus my point of contact.” The illumination makes a huge difference in this situation.

Janelle Evans, MD, FPMRS
Board Certified OBGYN
Kettering Health
Centerville, OH